Covid19 Recovery Sector Propositions
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Using mail to reach your target audience during Covid19
Using Mail to Drive Donations
Using Mail to Drive Donations
Charities are currently undergoing the perfect storm, with people shifting their giving habits and with some charities experiencing higher than average demand on their services.  This insight addresses these challenges.
Using Mail to Drive Commercial Outcomes
Using Mail for the Entertainment Sector
Entertainment and attraction business have had to close their doors.  This presentation takes a look at how this sector can come out of the pandemic by using direct mail.
Using Mail to Communicate and Reassure
Using Mail to Communicate & Reassure
Financial services brands have had to become part of the solution to the pandemic in helping customers, provide them with mortgage holidays.  See how mail can help with the challenge of customer comprehension and building trust.
Using Mail to Build Business
Using Mail to Help you Build Business
Insurance companies are facing potentially one of the biggest insurance pay outs of all time due to the pandemic.  This presentation shows how mail has a part to play at every point of the customer journey in this sector.
Using Mail to Drive Commercial Outcomes
Using Mail for High Street Retailers
High street retailers have endured the toughest trading conditions of all time.  This presentation shows how mail could help to rebuild custom and create commercial engagement with all audiences.
Mail to Drive Retail Business
Role Mail Plays in Driving Retail Business
Mail order and online retailers might have done better than some sectors with an increase in online sales.  See how mail can get consumes to act and convert to buying behaviour.
Using Mail to Drive Subscriptions
Magazine and newspaper sales from news stands have fallen.  But certain publishers have seen their physical subscriptions improve at this time.  Find out how mail can help drive take up of subscriptions.
Using Mail to Drive Commercial Outcomes
Using Mail for the Travel Sector
Travel has been particularly hard hit, but certain sectors expect a boom the more we come out of lock down.  Whilst we may not be going abroad there are opportunities to win UK business by using mail.