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New Service Development
Label and RTS Reminder
21 February 2019
Our operation is reporting an increase in some common errors with Access mail that have potential to cause inefficient processing of the items at our mail centres and potentially delay the items.  ...
Helping customers sign up for the new magazine subscription service
15 February 2019
In January we launched our new magazine subscription service which offers the lowest price for the delivery of your publications  and 12 months’ notice of price changes. Demand for the new serv ...
Business Mail: A Winning Opportunity
15 February 2019
37% of Business Mail drives commercial actions, like buying something, using a voucher, ordering a catalogue or visiting a website.Business Mail has a reach of 1.19 ??" that means for every 1,000 item ...
Drive Better Results with out Insight Engine
15 February 2019
We know that measuring media performance is critical for effective campaigns, and now we've made it easier for you to measure the effectiveness of mail against other media using JICMAIL. This new curr ...
New Mail Centre opening in Inverness
10 January 2019
We are opening a new inward mail centre in Scotland to better serve the Inverness, Outer Hebrides and Kirkwall postcode areas, providing enhanced Outward and Inward sorting capability, and to improve ...
Letters and Parcels Tariff Change Notice/ Postcode sectors to Zones changes
09 January 2019
Today we are announcing the following important changes which affect the Access Letters Contract and Wholesale Parcels Contract:Price changes for our Access General Large Letter services and our Whole ...
Switching Polywrap and Paper from Manual to Mailmark Services
02 January 2019
More and more organisations are placing an emphasis on addressing environmental concerns, sustainability within their business and reducing costs. To support you in driving forward the environmental a ...
No longer accepting TIS applications for Digital Stamp tests
10 December 2018
From January 2019 we will no longer accepting applications to only test digital stamps with no other creative changes. We know digital stamps increase consumer open rates which in turn has the po ...
Renewing our incentives for a further year
06 December 2018
We are pleased to announce that we are renewing all of our existing incentives for a further year until 31 December 2019. Our incentives continue to grow in popularity with increasing customer take up ...
Launching Year 2 of our Advertising Volume Commitment Incentive
06 December 2018
Following the success of our Advertising Growth and follow on Advertising Volume Commitment incentives, on 1 January 2019 we are launching year 2 of the Advertising Volume Commitment Incentive. For cu ...
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