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General Election Mailings and the Key National Posting Process
24 May 2024
You will be aware that the General Election has been announced to take place 4 July 2024. We write to remind you of the importance of following the requirements under the DSA Key National Posting (KNP ...
Mailmark Advertising Mail Catalogue Service
03 May 2024
We recently announced that we will be adding a Mailmark variant of the Advertising Mail Catalogue Service from 1 July 2024. We have developed a useful specification guide for the variant which yo ...
Change to Access Letter Contract Compensation Rates
26 April 2024
Today, we publish increased Compensation Rates for the Access Letters Contract (ALC) that will come into effect over two phases to reflect recent announced changes to Letter and Large Letter prices:To ...
Royal Mail's response to Ofcom's call for input on USO reforms
26 April 2024
Royal Mail has responded to Ofcom's call for input on the future of the Universal Service Obligation. You can read the full submission here.  ...
Update to Advertising Mail Guidelines
19 April 2024
We have updated the Advertising Mail content guidelines to provide clarity in respect of what content is in scope of “Membership or subscription magazines / publications, with or without advertising ...
Importance of UCIDs for JICMAIL data
18 April 2024
The choice of media channels has proliferated at a dramatic rate over recent years, making it harder to get mail on the agenda when people are planning their communications.  Therefore having the ...
Key National Postings - Local PCC and Mayoral elections
09 April 2024
We are currently dealing with a significant number of mailings in the Royal Mail Network for the local PCC and Mayoral elections that are due to take place in May 2024. Where customers are handing suc ...
Access Letter Price Changes effective from 1 July 2024
08 April 2024
Find attached a communication and appended change notice announcing changes to the Access Letter and Large Letter prices to take effect from 1 July 2024. ...
Royal Mail presents proposal for the future Universal Service
03 April 2024
Royal Mail has today submitted its proposal in response to Ofcom’s call for input into the Future of the Universal Service.This follows the publication of Ofcom’s report in January 2024, which con ...
Invitation to Royal Mail's "Planning for Origin" workshop on 27 March 2024
29 February 2024
We invite you to join us at our ‘Planning for Origin’ workshop on 27 March 2024.Origin is ISBA’s advertiser backed programme, designed to create a blueprint for cross-media measurement. It is pa ...
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