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ACCESS NOTICE: Changes affecting Letters, Parcels and C9 Premium agreements
22 September 2021
Please find attached a customer communication and appended change notices, providing updates on the following matters relating to the Access Letters Contract, Wholesale Parcels Contract and C9 Premium ...
ACCESS COMMUNICATION: ‘Simplifying the Access Letters Contract’ consultation decision document
31 August 2021
Please find attached a customer communication providing a link to our decision document on the ‘Simplifying the Access Letters Contract’ consultation proposals which we put forward in October 2020 ...
Using Image Technology in Mail to Drive Online Behaviour and Consumer Engagement
23 August 2021
There are new and innovative ways of driving frictionless offline to online behaviour by using new technology like digital image recognition, augmented reality or animated video.  See this innova ...
ACCESS NOTICE: Access Tri-slots / Change to Trunking Service process
18 August 2021
Third Access Slot at Edinburgh IMC Following a request from a customer, we are giving carriers an option to book a third Access slot at Belfast Inward Mail Centre and Edinburgh Inward Mail Centre, whe ...
ACCESS COMMUNICATION: Reminder about Manual Mailmark eManifest and Barcode requirements
12 August 2021
On 16 February 2021 we wrote to you, clarifying the selection requirement customers should be using when creating Mailmark barcodes and uploading eManifests for the Manual Mailmark service for Parcels ...
Introducing our new Environmental Guidance
05 August 2021
We are pleased to publish our new environmental guidance today for our Advertising Mail, Business Mail and Subscription Mail Access products, which comes into effect from 4 January 2022. The guidance ...
ACCESS NOTICE: Letters and Parcels Tariff Change Notice
23 July 2021
Today we are announcing price changes for our Access General Large Letter services and our Wholesale Parcels services, The attached letter and appended change notice provides an overview of the ...
ACCESS NOTICE: Mailmark Economy Advertising Mail Incentive
20 July 2021
On 28 July 2021 we are planning to launch a new Mailmark Economy Advertising Mail incentive giving customers an opportunity to effectively sell more to their target audience by sending incremental Adv ...
The EU has formally granted data adequacy status to the UK
29 June 2021
Yesterday the EU has formally adopted the data adequacy decision that allows for personal data to continue flowing freely from the EU/EEA to the UK.   The decisions mean that UK businesses and or ...
The Withdrawal of the Responsible Mail Product while Working Towards A More Sustainable Future
18 June 2021
Thank you for the feedback recently provided regarding our proposals to simplify our product portfolio by withdrawing the Responsible Mail product, and to update and extend environmental guidance for ...
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