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Reminder about our Advertising Mail Seed check process
27 November 2019
Since 29 May 2019, we have been working closely with our customers to support them in ensuring a seed is provided for all Advertising Mail postings, in line with contractual requirements. We fully app ...
ACCESS NOTICE: Updating the Baseline Year for National Price Plan One
21 November 2019
The Baseline Year is a 12-month period we use to measure Royal Mail’s posting profile, from which we then set the National Spread Benchmark and Urban Density Benchmark of National Price Plan One. Th ...
JICMAIL Webinar: 7 Essential Insights of Partially Addressed Mail
13 November 2019
Partially Addressed Mail is a new way of targeting customers by using their postcode data rather than personal data providing a GDPR compliant way to target new audiences. Join JICMAIL's webi ...
ACCESS NOTICE: Royal Mail January to March 2020 Incentive
30 October 2019
On 2 January 2020 we are planning to launch an exciting new incentive to assist brands with their direct marketing activities during the post-Christmas period through to Valentine’s Day, Mother’s ...
ACCESS NOTICE: Price changes for the Access Letters Contract
09 October 2019
Today we have announced price changes for our Access Letters Contract to come into effect from 2 January 2020.  The attached letter provides an overview of the price changes.  Full details o ...
3 proven ways to get new customers
07 October 2019
In today’s dynamic landscape acquiring new customers is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses. And this is even more prevalent since the introduction of GDPR. That is why we’re pro ...
ACCESS NOTICE: Improving our Mailmark specification guidance
04 October 2019
We are making some changes to our Mailmark Letter and Large Letter specification to support customer implementation of the Mailmark specifications and enable Royal Mail to automate the processing of m ...
BLACK FRIDAY AND XMAS INCENTIVE: Send mail from 12p from 11 November
03 October 2019
Have you submitted your application for our Black Friday and Christmas 2019 incentive? We are now accepting applications for the incentive!!!Using the incentive, customers can effectively communicate ...
ACCESS NOTICE: Rolling out our Partially Addressed Mail service
19 September 2019
We are pleased to announce the permanent roll out of our Partially Addressed Mail™ service from 1 April 2020. .Read our customer letter to find out more information. To find out more about the& ...
7 Essential Insights on Partially Addressed Mail
12 September 2019
To support the Partially Addressed service and to encourage its use within the mail industry, JICMAIL have created its '7 Essential Insights' booklet to show how customer behaviour differs for this ma ...
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