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ACCESS NOTICE: General Large Letters and Parcels Tariff Changes
14 January 2022
Today we have announced price changes to the Access General Large Letter services and our Wholesale Parcels services with effect from 4 April 2022.   Please find details of the price changes in t ...
ACCESS COMMUNICATION: Invitation to feedback on the ALC Variation Request process
10 January 2022
Under Clause 13.1 of the ALC, a Wholesale customer may ask for a change to the contract by completing a contract variation request form. The Wholesale website sets out the current process for dealing ...
Ofcom agrees 1 January 2022 is a non-service day
17 December 2021
Following a consultation, Ofcom has granted an exception to the universal service throughout the United Kingdom for Saturday 1 January 2022. This means that Royal Mail does not have to collect or deli ...
ACCESS COMMUNICATION: Royal Mail Quality of Service 2021-22
01 December 2021
Please find a customer communication which provides an update on Royal Mail Wholesale’s quality of service levels for 2021/22. ...
ACCESS NOTICE: Simplification of the Access Letters Contract - Notification of Contract Changes
30 November 2021
In October 2020 we consulted on a number of commercial and operational improvement opportunities for the Access Letters Contract. You can also access the full consultation document here.On 31 Aug ...
ACCESS NOTICE: Renewal of incentives and other incentives news
30 November 2021
2021 has been another successful year for our incentive portfolio. Customers are seeing real benefit from using our schemes, ensuring that mail remains a cost-effective communication tool in a challen ...
‘In flight’ Responsible Mail mailings after 4 January 2022
12 November 2021
As you are aware, our Responsible Mail service is being withdrawn on 4 January 2022.   We understand that customers may have some concerns about ‘inflight’ Responsible Mail mailings in proces ...
Adding perfume to the restricted item list
12 November 2021
We have updated the Wholesale Prohibited and Restricted Goods list such that customers can now include perfume and aftershave samples with a volume of 5ml or less in their mailing items.   It is ...
ACCESS NOTICE: Permitted Variances for 2022-23 / Dynamic Baseline Proposal
10 November 2021
Find attached a customer letter providing details about:   our plans in relation to the application of permitted variances for NPP1, APP2 and Regional customers in 2022/23 as part of the four-ye ...
26 October 2021
On 31 August 2021, we issued our decision document setting out our decisions on proposals we made as part of the simplification of the Access Letters Contract (ALC) consultation. Following the publica ...
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