Advertising Mail
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Offers to make your campaigns work harder
How ever you use mail we have special incentives to make your campaigns work even harder. Below you'll find ways to make big savings, whether you are a new user or are looking to maximise your existing mailings.
Business Mail
Covid-19 Back to Business
Two new incentives incremental Advertising Mail incentives for all sectors to help boost their trading and advertising activity after easing of lockdown restrictions.
Advertising Mail
Covid-19 Open for Business 
An incentive to support brands and sectors that have been most impacted by the restrictions on social movement caused by Covid-19.
Up to 20% of AM Growth and Commit
Advertising Growth and Volume
When you're using mail to boost your business already, this can help maximise that growth by targeting new customers.
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First Time User
Save 2.5p - 10.9p on the postage of your first three mailings for bigger returns before you even get started.
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Testing and Innovation
A discount from the Royal Mail price for customers testing new mail activity.

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If you need to contact us for more information about our incentives please email 

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