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  6. News & Updates
    1. News
      1. Access Tariff Notice 2014
      2. New Access Selection Files 2013
      3. Mail Centre to rationalisation programme v.10
      4. Royal Mail statement on Access Letters and Parcels
      5. Improvements to Bulk Mail specifications and processes
      6. Mail Centre Rationalisation Programme V9.0
      7. Dangerous Goods - Policy update
      8. Access Services to be renamed from October
      9. Proposals for the reform of the Access contracts
      10. Consultation Decision: Access indicium
      11. Confirmation on Access Prices & VAT April 2012
      12. The NGPP definition by Zone 2012/13
      13. Royal Mail receives undertakings from CWU
      14. Royal Mail statement on CWU ballot timetable
      15. Mailmarkâ„¢ (Formerly EIB®) - Wave 2 recruitment
      16. Changes to Access Contracts
      17. Royal Mail and CWU reach agreement in principle
      18. Forthcoming Access Tariff Notice
      19. Negotiators agreement between Royal Mail and CWU
      20. Joint Statement from Royal Mail and CWU
      21. Joint Statement from Royal Mail and CWU
      22. Changes to Access Contracts
      23. Dangerous Goods - Policy update
      24. Mail Centre Rationalisation Programme July 2013
      25. Royal Mail statement on CWU ballot result
      26. Royal Mail Statement on CWU ballot
      27. Consultation: Statement of Process
      28. Final proposals to amend the NGPP definition
      29. Royal Mail Wholesale announces indicative Access prices
      30. Amendment to Agency Contracts Proposal 04-01-2011
      31. Tray Dolly Implementation Update 10-12-2010
      32. VAT Customer Communication
      33. DSA Christmas Arrangements 2010
      34. Zonal Costing Methodology consultation 29-10-10
      35. Quality of Service Measurement for the Access Market
      36. Access Database 2010 is now available for download
      37. WMS Communication
      38. Allocation of Postcode Sectors
      39. Process for Allocating Postcode Sectors to GZones
      40. C9 Access Agreement Notice: Segregation by format
      41. Agency Contracts amendment
      42. Improving the Customer Experience
      43. Access consultation - product renaming exercise
      44. Consultation: Access Indicia
      45. Mail Centre rationalisation programme V.8
      46. New service - Access Packets 2-5kg
      47. C9 NOTICE: VAT on Access Services
      48. DSA - Christmas & New Year arrangements 2011
      49. Intelligent Barcode - join now
      50. Decision on Zonal costing methodology
      51. Access Prices 2011/12
      52. Advertising Mail discounts and service enhancement
      53. Long Run Incremental Cost Discussion Document
      54. Archived Documents
      55. Changes in Zones to Postcode Sectors
      56. Access Prices 2013
      57. Urban Density decision document
      58. Mailmark News
      59. Setting up Mailmark participants and SCIDs correctly
      60. Urban Density consultation
      61. Access CBC to cease
      62. Scheme For Growth - Double discount offer
      63. Extension of Scheme For Growth
      64. Access Contract Change Notices Jan 17
      65. Mailmark Reporting Delay
      66. Access Tariff change from Jan 3rd 2017
      67. Regional price plan change to permitted variances
      68. Three Islands consultation feedback
      69. Consultation on New Service Request Process
      70. ACCESS CHANGE NOTICE: York Manifests
      71. Advertising Mail Catalogue Option
      72. Incentives update and testing use of Digital Stamps
      73. Launch of EManifest Billing Trial
      74. Update on the Access Service Request process consultation
      75. Renewal of Incentives and Publishing Incentives
      76. 48-Way Sort Mech Letter Option
      77. Changes to Price Tariffs from 26th March 2018
      78. Re-allocation of postcode sectors to zones 2018
      79. Mailmark poly-wrap large letter test
      80. Access consultation Sep 2016 - Update
      81. Royal Mail Business Mail Large Letter
      82. Suspended contract change notices are withdrawn
      83. Change Proposals for Access Contracts
      84. Changes in Zones to Postcode Sectors
      85. Contract Change Notices
      86. Access Price Changes 2015
      87. C9 Access Prices
      88. Access Letters Contract Prices
      89. Ofcom announces investigation
      90. Royal Mail welcomes CWU ballot result
      91. Royal Mail Wholesale website - registration upgrade
      92. Customer Growth Incentive Promotion
      93. Future proposals for Mailmark migration
      94. Decision on Change Proposals for Access Contracts
      95. Launch of Royal Mail Group Scheme for Growth
      96. Autumn Incremental Promotion
      97. Access CBC price changes from 4th July 2016
      98. Price Changes for 2016
      99. Release 15 of the Access Selection Files
      100. Mailmark Migration Consultation
      101. Changes to Access Prices 2016
      102. User Guide Amendments from 3rd October 2016
      103. Advertising Mail Catalogue Trial
      104. Royal Mail Wholesale Digital Stamp
      105. Mixing Supply Chain IDs Trial
      106. New Magazine Subscription Mail Service
      107. Making GDPR an opportunity for mail
      108. Setting up Mailmark participants and Supply Chain ID's
      109. Access Mail for GY & JE Postcode Area
      110. Mailmark poly-wrap large letter testing
      111. Switch to receive electronic invoices
      112. Growing popularity of Royal Mail incentives
      113. Submit your Magazine Subscription Mail samples
      114. Launching our Partially Addressed Mail Trial
      115. Price changes for the Access Letters Contract
      116. New Incentive for Banks
      117. Apply for our lower priced Magazine Subscription service
      118. Change to Presentation Specification for Poll Cards
      119. Our Partially Addressed Mail Service Trial commences on 8 November 2018
      120. Send Advertising Mail for 10p this Christmas
      121. Renewing our incentives for a further year
      122. Launching Year 2 of our Advertising Volume Commitment Incentive
      123. Magazine Subscription Mail Service price for 2020
      124. No longer accepting TIS applications for Digital Stamp tests
      125. Switching Polywrap and Paper from Manual to Mailmark Services
      126. Consultation on changes to the Access Service Request Process
      127. Letters and Parcels Tariff Change Notice/ Postcode sectors to Zones changes
      128. New Mail Centre opening in Inverness
      129. Business Mail: A Winning Opportunity
      130. Drive Better Results with out Insight Engine
      131. Helping customers sign up for the new magazine subscription service
      132. Label and RTS Reminder
      133. Remember to send us your Advertising Mail seeds
      134. Haircare, vitamins and supplements driving beauty and wellness spend
      135. T-shirts, tops and trainers drive UK fashion and footwear purchases
      136. Free returns increasingly important to online shoppers
      137. JICMAIL Blog: Using JICMail for better mail media measurement
      138. SMP marks a decade since inception
      139. Sectorised Insight Engine Metrics To Drive Better Results
      140. JICMAIL Blog: Keeping constant in the face of change
      141. JICMAIL: A month in the life of mail
      142. ACCESS NOTICE: Change to Minimum Dimensions for Poll Sort
      143. JICMAIL: Try the new data visualisation tool
      144. JICMAIL: Why JICMAIL data is gold standard
      145. JICMAIL: Latest 'A month in the life of mail'
      146. JICMAIL Blog: Time to get planning with JICMAIL
      147. New online application for incentive postage credits
      148. Modernising the Advertising Mail Seed Check Process
      149. JICMAIL: Mail Item Database - now with 33,181 items
      150. JICMAIL Blog: Insight, idea and impact
      151. ACCESS NOTICE: Extending the Partially Addressed Service Trial to 31 March 2020
      152. Join JICMAIL's webinar on 15 July
      153. Use our Customer Experience tool for better mail planning
      154. Our decision on changes to the Access Service Request Process
      155. JICMAIL Blog: Blimey, a JIC with useful bells and whistles
      156. BACK TO SCHOOL INCENTIVE: Send Advertising Mail for as low as 12 pence
      157. BACK TO SCHOOL INCENTIVE: Send Advertising Mail for as low as 12 pence
      158. Download our Partially Addressed Mail guide
      159. BLACK FRIDAY AND CHRISTMAS INCENTIVE: Send mail for as low as 12 pence per item
      160. ACCESS NOTICE: Rolling out our Mixing SCIDs trial
      161. JICMAIL: 7 essential insights – in less than 10 minutes
      162. UPDATE: Modernising our Advertising Mail seed check process
      163. JICMAIL Webinar: 5 steps to applying mail campaign insight with JICMAIL Discovery
      164. ACCESS NOTICE: Prohibiting Bladed Products in Wholesale
      165. 7 Essential Insights on Partially Addressed Mail
      166. ACCESS NOTICE: Rolling out our Partially Addressed Mail service
      167. ACCESS NOTICE: Rolling out our Partially Addressed Mail service
      168. ACCESS NOTICE: Rolling out our Partially Addressed Mail service
      169. BLACK FRIDAY AND XMAS INCENTIVE: Send mail from 12p from 11 November
      170. ACCESS NOTICE: Improving our Mailmark specification guidance
      171. 3 proven ways to get new customers
      172. ACCESS NOTICE: Price changes for the Access Letters Contract
      173. ACCESS NOTICE: Royal Mail January to March 2020 Incentive
      174. JICMAIL Webinar: 7 Essential Insights of Partially Addressed Mail
      175. ACCESS NOTICE: Updating the Baseline Year for National Price Plan One
      176. Reminder about our Advertising Mail Seed check process
      177. ACCESS NOTICE: Reducing tolerances for national and regional price plans
      178. Updating the Baseline Year for National Price Plan One
      179. Dockethub technical issue between 2 and 6 January 2020
      180. Letters and Parcels Tariff Change Notice/ Postcode sectors to Zones changes 2020
      181. Large Letter Working Group set up to improve automation of machineable Large Letter
      182. JICMAIL WEBINAR: Using JICMAIL on your journey to the DMA Awards
      183. taRIFF
      184. JICMAIL: Using JICMAIL Discovery - short 'how to' videos
      185. JICMAIL: 7 essential insights on Business Mail
      186. ACCESS NOTICE: Trunking Service
      187. JICMAIL Webinar: 7 Insights into Business Mail
      188. Industrial relations in 2020
      189. Covid-19 Update: Royal Mail delivering for the country
      190. Royal Mail is still open for business
      191. Support and advice for your business during the Coronavirus
      192. ACCESS NOTICE: Supporting Wholesale customers through Covid-19
      193. ACCESS COMMUNICATION: Mailmark Advertising Mail seeds and Covid-19
      194. JICMAIL BLOG: Working from home? Ad mail always has been...
      195. Royal Mail Marketreach Blog: Using mail to get the best from digital
      196. Royal Mail Marketreach Blog: How brands can stay relevant in crisis times
      197. ACCESS NOTICE: Covid-19 Open for Business Incentive
      198. ACCESS COMMUNICATION: Temporary Change to Postal Arrangements on Saturdays
      199. Marketreach Blog: Marketing, CRM and direct mail after COVID-19
      200. ACCESS NOTICE: Covid-19 Open for Business Incentive
      201. New Stamp-Like Indicia: 'Thumbs up for your Postie'
      202. Covid19 Open for Business Incentive update
      203. Access Product Development 2020
      204. Covid19 Open for Business Incentive: Extending the Volume Cap
      205. Royal Mail partnership with Hallmark: Say thank you to your heroes
      206. ACCESS NOTICE: Update on Wholesale activity impacted by Covid-19
      207. Covid-19 Open for Business Incentive: 75% volume cap reached for October to December 2020
      208. ACCESS COMMUNICATION: Saturday delivery recommencing from 13 June 2020
      209. ACCESS NOTICE: Access Service Development and Improvement
      210. ACCESS NOTICE: Letters and Parcels Tariff Change Notice
      211. ACCESS COMMUNICATION: Helping customers switch to Mailmark Magazine Subscription service
      212. ACCESS COMMUNICATION: Updates to our Covid-19 Incentives
      213. Withdrawal of SFM Codes from 4 January 2021
      214. 'Simplifying the Access Letters Contract' consultation launches today
      215. ACCESS NOTICE: Updating the Baseline Year for NPP1
      216. ACCESS NOTICE: Price plan profile surcharges for Q1 2020/21
      217. JICMAIL Update
      218. ACCESS NOTICE: Manual Mailmark Service for General Large Letters and Access Parcels
      219. ACCESS NOTICE: Price changes for the Access Letters Contract
      221. Mailmark reporting is changing from 10 December 2020
      222. Changes to JICMAIL: Q&A
      223. ACCESS COMMUNICATION: Advertising Mail seeds and Covid-19
      224. ASBOF has changed address
      225. Brexit and Wholesale items to Northern Ireland
      226. Update on the Access Letters Contract review
      227. Statement on Ofcom User Needs Review
      228. JICMAIL News: Significant growth in digital actions prompted by mail in Q3 2020
      229. ACCESS COMMUNICATION: Renewing our Incentives for 2021
      230. ACCESS NOTICE: Mailmark Economy Service Standard
      231. ACCESS NOTICE: Magazine Subscription Mail Prices 2022
      232. ACCESS NOTICE: Q2 Price Plan Profile Surcharges / Changes to Permitted Variances
      233. Framework Agreement reached between Royal Mail and CWU
      234. ACCESS COMMUNICATION: Advertising Mail Seed Check Adjustments in National Lockdown
      235. Update on Brexit and Wholesale items to Northern Ireland
      236. Carrier applications open for our Edinburgh to Inverness trunking service
      237. ACCESS NOTICE: Letters and Parcels Tariff Change Notice
      238. Royal Mail welcomes CWU ballot result
      239. ACCESS NOTICE: Customer UAT open for Manual Mailmark Service for Parcels and GLL
      240. ACCESS COMMUNICATION: Suspension of non-Mailmark Advertising Mail Seed Check Adjustments extended
      241. ACCESS COMMUNICATION: Reintroduction of non-Mailmark Advertising Mail Seed Check Adjustments
      242. Ofcom publishes decision on regulation of Mailmark Economy Service
      243. A reminder on Poll Card mailings
      244. Mailmark Economy Service VAT Status
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      2. Updates
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