Latest News
Launch of EManifest Billing Trial
We are pleased to announce the launch of a trial which gives customers the opportunity to test a new automated billing process.  The attached letter invites customers to participate in Phase 1 of the trial subject to meeting the specified qualifying criteria.


If you meet the qualifying criteria and wish to participate in the trial please contact your Account Director. 

You will be required to agree to the attached trial agreement before you commence the trial.

New E-Invoicing Facility
We are introducing a new facility which will enable you to receive your invoices in an electronic format. The new facility, which is completely optional for customers to sign up to, will give you the ability to access your invoices from a secure online portal. 


The new facility will go live for full implementation from 27th August 2018.  However we are offering customers to test the facility before this date.


You will find full details in the attached customer letter, customer presentation and change notice.

If you have any further queries please contact your Account Director.     

Agency Customer Contracts – New Online Application Facility

We are making improvements to the current agency customer contract application process.


In an effort to make the application process more efficient, we are introducing an online application facility that will simplify the process for you and your customers.  The new facility will go live from 2nd August 2018.


Find attached a customer letter which explains the changes.

The contract change notice number 41 which details the changes being made to the Access Letters Contract and Schedule 17 can be found here.

48-Way Sort Mech Letter Option

On 21 December 2017, we were pleased to inform you of the launch of a new optional sorting level under the Access Letters Contract.


On 5 January 2018 we wrote to customers to inform that for regulatory purposes we are required to provide 70 days' notice to customers to introduce Schedule 23, unless we have the consent of all our contract holders to make the change on a shorter notice period.


Despite the enthusiasm of much of the industry to adopt the 48-way sortation immediately, we have received an objection to introducing the Schedule on a shorter notice period.  Regrettably, this means that we are unable to accept any postings under the 48-way sortation until 26 March 2018. 


Therefore we have reissued a new change notice no. 40 (here).  This change notice supersedes the change notice that we issued on 5 January 2018, number 038.   


If you would like to adopt the change please contact your Account Director.

Changes to Price Tariffs from 26th March 2018

 We have announced price changes to our Access General Large Letter Services and our Wholesale Parcels services, as well as prices for the C9 Access Premium Agreement.

The changes shall take effect from 26th March 2018.

Full details of the price changes can be found here.

Mailmark poly-wrap large letter test
Over the summer we worked with mail producers and customers to promote the use of Mailmark services when posting poly wrap large letters by allowing customers to test their mail. A number of customers used the test facility. Results from testing show that where mail items are handed over to specification there are no issues with machine processing. We have identified some common issues that are impacting read rates:
  • Barcode quality - barcodes are smudged or bleeding of the print;
  • Barcode content and structure – do not meet the required specification;  
  • Opacity - being able to see text either through the poly wrap or paper that the barcode is printed on making it difficult to read barcode ; and
  • Mail piece design - the poly wrap seal is placed over the barcode. The additional poly wrap means that the image is blurred.

However because the number of mailings we tested was small (24) engineering were unable to draw any statistically valid conclusions. Hence we have decided to extend the testing period until 15 April 2018. We will not charge certain adjustment charges on test mailings in specific cases:
  • Where IRP are unable to identify a clear specification failure, IRP will not charge “not machine processed” adjustment charges.
  • Where we identify clear failures to specification, IRP will charge “not machine processed” adjustment charges e.g. if the Mailmark barcode is over the poly wrap seem we will apply the adjustment charge.

The attached presentation (here) will be shared with Mail Producers and customers detailing how the test process will work. 

Should you have any questions relating to the testing process please speak with your Account Director.