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Access CBC service update
We are on track to withdraw the CBC service with effect from 1st January 2018. 

A copy of the reminder letter that we have sent out to contract holders (dated 16th March 2017) is here

If you are still using the CBC service and would like our support in switching to Mailmark or would like to know about our other bulk mail services, please contact your Access Account Director. 

For more information on Mailmark please click here
Mailmark prices can be found here

Testing & Innovation Scheme
We are delighted to let you know that we are launching two new schemes for the Testing and Innovation of mail applications to further promote the use of mail: there is an Advertising Mail Testing and Innovation Scheme for test applications of advertising mail; and there is a Business Mail Testing and Innovation Scheme for test applications of business mail.  Further information is available here
The Access notice is available here

Launch of First Time User Scheme

In conjunction with the Working Access Group’s sub-division, the Wholesale Incentive Group and Royal Mail Retail we are pleased to announce that we are launching a new Royal Mail Group-wide First Time User incentive.  The incentive will be open to applications from 27th March 2017. It is easy to apply.

Details on the high level Terms and Conditions, Application Form and further supporting information can be found here

The introduction notice can be found here

The contract change notice (025) can be found here

Access Contract Change Notices Jan 17
Following our annual review of the allocation of Postcode Sectors to Zones, there is some movement of some Postcode Sectors between the Zones for the forthcoming financial year 2017/18. 
The attached letter details the changes required here
Change notices can be found here for Letters and here for Parcels

Access Tariff change from Jan 3rd 2017

Dear Customer,


On the 4th Oct 2016, we published new Access prices for the Access Letters Contract that will come into effect from 3rd January 2017.


The letter below summarises the main price changes we are making to Access Letter and Large Letter services from 3 January 2017 and is accompanied by a formal contract change notice. 


  • A copy of the Letter is here
  • You can find all of the new prices here

Access Contract Changes - Update Dec 2016
On 23 September 2016, we notified you of a change to the Baseline Year for National Price Plan One (SSCs) due to come into effect from 2 April 2017.We appreciate that it may have been helpful for you to have been given the National Spread Benchmark and the Urban Density Benchmark for the new Baseline Year at the time we notified you of the change to the Baseline Year. 

In light of this, we are withdrawing Access Letters Change Notice: Number 020 and the Wholesale Parcels Contract Change Notice: Number 009 and reissuing them with effect from today. The reissued notices include revised implementation dates for the change and notification of the consequential changes to the National Spread Benchmark and the Urban Density Benchmark, both of which are now published here (for letters No 020) and here (for parcels No. 009).  We apologise to customers’ for any unintended delay to the implementation of this change.

A copy of this notice is being sent to your nominated commercial contact today.

If you have any questions please contact your Access Account Director