Our Services
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We offer a variety of services to best meet the needs of our customers. 

For each service we offer you may choose from a range of attributes which meet your requirements.  The price you pay will depend on the attributes you choose and the price plan you are on as part of your contract.  The Royal Mail Service List  provides a list of all access services and their corresponding DocketHUB and SAP codes. You can access the Service List via Dockethub, in the 'Reports' section under the 'Service Status List' category.  

Service Attributes
Access Service
Access 70
Access 70 (48-way sort option)
Business Mail Large Letter
Advertising Mail
Catalogue Mail
Partially Address Mail
Magazine Subscription Mail
Royal Mail Mailmark
Mailmark Economy
Manual Mailmark
Poll Sort
General Large Letter
Manual Mailmark
Large Letter
Weight Band
1 - 100g
101 - 150g
101 - 250g
251 - 750g
Mixed Weight
48-way Sort
Access 70
Access 70,000

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