Royal Mail Mailmark®: Mail that speaks volumes

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The Mailmark option brings mail, technology and business information together. Mailmark barcode technology offers web-based reporting from an online analytics dashboard - showing detailed batch level reporting on predicted delivery, volume and performance as well as item level error reporting.

It has been designed for high volume, high quality machine readable mail and will provide you with powerful tools to analyse your mailings.

For the first time, you will know when your consignment has arrived with Royal Mail, when it's predicted to be delivered and how well it performs - all at a click.

Mailmark option brings:

  • Transparency - know where your mail is in the Royal Mail network
  • Timing - know when your mail is due to arrive for better planning
  • Reporting - know how to maximise performance at every step.
Mailmark enabled products

Sortation:                       Access 70
Format:                          Letters and Large Letters

Optional Services:       Advertising Mail
                                        Responsible Mail Entry
                                        Responsible Mail Intermediate

It has a number of benefits for different customers

For business customers Mailmark technology offers:

  • Agility - you can make better business decisions based on the extra visibility of Royal Mail performance that Mailmark reporting provides
  • Confidence - you know when your communications are predicted to reach customers and can time your follow up and resources. You can provide proof of process to your stakeholders and improve the timing of your customer contact
  • Efficiency - information on address quality and incorrect data helps you to improve your data and ensure you always get the best possible price

For mail producers it brings:

  • Solutions - see exactly at what point a problem arises and why
  • Proof of value - demonstrate efficiency through mail reporting
  • Proportional adjustments - a more targeted and transparent adjustments system
  • Equip and attract - the new capability will open the door to new customers

For advertisers and agencies it enables:

  • Campaign integration - predicted delivery information generated by the Mailmark technology will help you to integrate your marketing campaigns across media as well as improve your contact centre scheduling.
  • ROI - compare effectiveness of mail to other media
  • Data Improvement - improve accuracy and ensure your mail is always processed at the best possible price

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Mailmark Reporting updates

We have added a new page to the website where we plan to communicate all changes to the Royal Mail Mailmark Reporting functionality.    Please see here.

Click here to see a more detailed video showing Mailmark reporting

Who can use Royal Mail Mailmark?

Mailmark is available to customers who have signed the appropriate Mailmark Schedule of the Access Letters Contract. 
Schedule 20: Royal Mail Mailmark and the product specification which is detailed in the Royal Mail Mailmark User Guide Appendix are now available.

Mailmark Terms and Conditions

Other useful documents - how to successfully deploy and implement Mailmark