Royal Mail Business Mail Large Letter
We are introducing a lower price for customers declaring that they are posting Business Mail Large Letters rather than a general mix of Large Letters. Customers will therefore be able to access 3 different prices for Large Letters depending on what content they are sending: Advertising Large Letters, Business Mail Large Letters or a general Large Letters.

For more information about Large Letter changes please see the following:

For the Royal Mail Business Mail Large Letterâ„¢ Schedule follow the link.
For more information about what can/ cannot be sent as Business Mail Large Letterâ„¢ follow the link.

19th March 2014 - Update to Schedule 19: Royal Mail Business Mail Large Letterâ„¢

Attached below is a clarification note to explain the intention of the Permitted Items list and how changes to the list will be managed.
To view the Change Notice 007, please go to the Access Letters Contracts page.