Access Letters Contract

This contract is for addressed letters and large letters for delivery in the UK on the next working day. Eligibility starts for customers who are posting more than 6 million items a year.

You have a choice of four pricing plans within the contract at Schedule 3, each is dependent on your typical posting profile. Each national price plan has a target profile you are required to meet and against which you are measured. Our target national profiles and permitted variances are detailed in the table below, along with a calculator tool to help you calculate the potential for surcharges on price plan 2.

To help you decide which price plan best meets your posting profile, you may find our quick guide on our price plans useful.

Additionally, you may find it useful to read our guidelines on some of the key terms and processes:

Statement of Notice

The statement of notice sets out the different periods of notice that apply to our standard Access terms and conditions which we are entitled to amend without consent of an Access contract holder. Please click here for the statement of notice for the Access Letters contract (Full details of these 'change' clauses can be found in the Access Letters contract).