What is compliance?

Compliance is the requirement of all Royal Mail business divisions to adhere to the obligations imposed on it by law and the Regulatory Framework in the provision of postal services. Royal Mail Wholesale is a trading business of Royal Mail Group Ltd and is required to comply with all UK and EU laws. The compliance units for Royal Mail Group and its various business units seek to ensure that the business complies with the competition rules as set out in the Competition Act 1998 and the European Treaty, as well as all the obligations placed upon it by its Regulator. Abiding by the requirements of competition law and the conditions of Royal Mail’s Regulatory Framework are generally grouped together and known as ‘compliance’.

In October 2011 responsibility for regulation passed from Postcomm to Ofcom. In April 2012 Ofcom put in place the new regulatory framework.
If you wish to view and download the Royal Mail Wholesale annual compliance report this can be found on by clicking on the link on the left.

What are RM Wholesale’s Regulatory Framework requirements?

Royal Mail businesses must comply with the Regulatory Framework. The condition that is particularly relevant to Royal Mail Wholesale, is the Universal Service Provider Access (USPA) Condition.

This ensures Royal Mail Wholesale negotiates in good faith and in a timely fashion with any person with a view to reaching an agreement on terms for access to the Royal Mail operational network.

It also places a prohibition of obtaining an unfair commercial advantage.
This ensures Royal Mail acts in a manner that ensures neither separate business divisions within Royal Mail nor anyone else obtains an unfair commercial advantage as a result of Royal Mail granting access to its network. This requires Royal Mail to ensure any information obtained by Royal Mail whilst giving access to other operators is not used for the commercial benefit of any other Royal Mail business over our competitors.

Will Access mail be processed at a disadvantage compared to other mail going through the Royal Mail network?

All mail of similar product specification is treated the same once it is received into the Royal Mail network, regardless of who the original postal services provider was. Once mail arrives at the Inward Mail Centre and has been checked against agreed manifests, it is released for processing into Royal Mail’s network. All mail reaching this stage of processing will travel along the process line alongside that of other companies into the local delivery office for final delivery.

Does this mean Royal Mail treats all mail the same once it enters the processing element of the postal network?


Why am I not able to have a single point of contact within Royal Mail rather than having a contact point for my Retail element and a contact for my Wholesale element?

In order for us to meet our obligations under the USPA condition we have set up a Wholesale business that is separate from the other Royal Mail business divisions. Royal Mail Wholesale has its own Customer Management Team to ensure all confidential and commercial information exchanged with Wholesale customers cannot be used by the Retail business of Royal Mail. If customers have a single point of contact for all their Retail and Wholesale mail queries, there would be a significant risk of Royal Mail breaching its obligations.

Do I get the same credit terms if I have a Retail contract and a Wholesale contract?


What processes does Royal Mail have in place to ensure Royal Mail Wholesale remains compliant?

Everybody in Royal Mail has a responsibility to ensure the Wholesale business division remains compliant. 

Does Royal Mail treat all customers the same way?

Yes. All postal services are offered to all customers on the same terms and prices. The terms and specifications for each of Royal Mail Wholesale’s services are available on our website.

Who do I complain to if I believe Royal Mail Wholesale is breaching its compliance obligations?

Royal Mail Group is committed to ensuring that any representations made to it about compliance with relevant regulatory conditions are fully investigated and a response provided.

Part of the role of Royal Mail's Compliance Director is to investigate any matter which is the subject of a representation made to Royal Mail that it may be contravening any postal regulatory conditions.
The following document describes the procedure for such an investigation:

Customers may at any time raise their concerns directly to the postal services regulator Ofcom.
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