Supporting you through Covid-19
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We have developed some useful resources to support your use of mail through Covid-19

In these challenging times, every communication you send is critical for your customers and your brand. When you need to communicate with your customers, you want to be confident that you do it in the most effective way right audience, right medium, right message.


And when you want to reach your audiences with a highly targeted, personal and valued communication that is likely to be opened, read and acted on, mail remains an unmatched medium.


Our dedicated team of mail experts, data, media and communication planners, media specialists and free reports, tools and services remains available to support you. We are committed to ensuring that when you consider mail as a communication channel, you can use it to maximum effect. And this support is, as always, available for free.


We have a number of support tools available for you to use, and we welcome you to download and use the below materials to support your conversations.

Mail around the home 02
Covid19 Recovery Sector Propositions
We have developed a number of sector propositions to help you reach your target audience using mail during Covid19
How Mail can support (002)
Mail to support brands during Covid-19
Here we provide guidance on how to use mail for your advertising and brand needs during Covid-19. 
Uncertain times
Mail in uncertain times
A presenter to demonstrate the value of adding mail into your marketing mix during uncertain times. 
Local authority
Guidance for Local Authorities
Our guidance for local authorities to help them with using mail to target citizens durign Covid-19. 
Banks covid
Covid-19 and beyond - Banking Sector
In our latest Sales Presenter, we explore what banks can be doing now with mail to support customers, whilst also looking ahead to the recovery phase.
Advertising Mail
Coronavirus Information Sheet
How we are supporting customers during Covid-19. 
BLOG: How Brands Can Stay Relevant In Crisis Times
Although we are undoubtedly in a difficult time, this still presents opportunities for brands to communicate. Have a look at options for brands to keep in touch with key audiences, whether they be employees, customers or other contacts.