The following service option can be added to either of our Standard or Premium services:

Royal Mail Responsible Mail®

Royal Mail Group takes its social responsibility very seriously and offers customers the opportunity to benefit from posting environmentally-friendly Direct Mail through a service called Royal Mail Responsible Mail®

Our Responsible Mail™ specification has been aligned to British Standards Institute’s PAS 2020 document on environmental performance for Direct Marketing.  

The service is for Direct Mail only, Letter and Large Letter formats (Direct Mail is addressed mail with the purpose of promoting products or services, or encouraging a contribution or support for a cause).

There are two levels, Entry and Intermediate.  Please see the pricing tables for price benefits of sending Responsible Mail™.

To qualify for Responsible Mail™, you need to ensure your Direct Mail is sent to up-to-date and relevant address lists to minimise poorly targeted mail, and you must use environmentally-friendly materials that are recyclable. Our Responsible Mail™ Schedule gives you advice on how to prepare your mail to have a lower environmental impact.

We carry out compliance audits and/or ask you to supply sample items of your postings.


Please note: Royal Mail will, on behalf of the Advertising Standards Board Of Finance (ASBOF), collect from its customers a levy on Advertising Mail™ and Responsible Mail™ Services (ASBOF Levy).  More details are available in the Responsible Mail™ and Advertising Mail™ Schedules


Available to Download:

If you would like further information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions section, or if you are an existing customer of ours, please contact your Royal Mail Access Account Manager.