Renewal of Incentives and Publishing Incentives

Publishing Incentives


To welcome in the New Year we are pleased to announce the launch  of a new Publishing Volume Commitment Incentive on 2nd January 2018. Additionally, to benefit the publishing industry, we are extending the scope of our existing Business and Advertising Mail Testing and Innovation Incentives so that customers can test publishing mail.    


We have also set out full details at


Renewal of Incentives

Since the introduction of the first Royal Mail Group incentive launched in April 2016, we have approved 182 applications and enabled customers to accrue c£4.2 million in postage savings from the c.153 million mailing items they have posted through the incentives. Thank you for your support in helping us deliver these benefits to you and your customers. We hope you will continue to encourage customers to reap the benefits of our incentives. To help you do this, we are pleased to confirm in the attached letter (here) the following:


We are renewing all of our incentives, enabling customers to apply for any one of the incentives up to 31 December 2018.

From 2nd January 2018 we are increasing the postage credit rates for all incentives.  The new rates can be seen on our website here (by following the link to the appropriate incentive).


We are decreasing the minimum volume eligibility level for the Advertising Growth Incentive from 250,000 mail items to 150,000.  


If you would like to discuss incentives with us, please do not hesitate to call your Access Account Director who will be happy to support you.