Magazine Subscription Mail Service price for 2020

Our new Magazine Subscription Mail Service, which aims to support publishers with the growth of their subscriptions, is launching on 2 January 2019 . To provide publishers with greater confidence in the prices they charge for annual subscriptions and in using mail services, we have committed to provide 12 months’ notice of price changes affecting this new service.

Today we announce the prices, which will take effect from 2 January 2020.  We have sought to keep prices competitive increasing prices by 2.9% in line with the forecasted RPI for 2020. 

Take a look at our customer letter to find out more about the price change.

I want to use the service. What do I need to do?

You will need to register each magazine title to use the service. So that you can start posting immediately from January 2019, you can now send us samples of publications so that we can check them and approve the publication in readiness for the service launch date.

To register magazine titles please complete the application form.