How does Mixed Weight work?

Customers are required to upload their Mixed Weight posting details via DocketHub, against a separate Mixed Weight account number. The Mixed Weight manifest will declare a container of mailing items of the same format by the number of items in each weight band, and for zonal postings, this will also be by each zone within each weight band.

Can I post Mixed Weight on my existing account(s)?

No. You will need to have separate accounts set up if you wish to post using the Mixed Weight specification. This account set up will be undertaken once you have signed the Mixed Weight schedule.

Are there any additional fees for using the Mixed Weight specification?

No. The Mixed Weight facility has been developed to make Access even better for our customers and we will not be charging additional fees on top of the standard postage rates.

Why can’t I mix formats in Mixed Weight containers?

Our operational processes differ according to the format of an item, e.g. a 100g letter is processed differently to that of a large letter at 100g or likewise a parcel at 100g, so to combine these three items x 100g in one container would prevent Royal Mail from processing the items efficiently and may create a delay to the delivery of the service.

I am an existing Access customer – will I need a separate contract?

No. However, customers wishing to use this service will need to sign a Mixed Weight schedule before a start date can be agreed. As always, please talk to us about the relevant lead times for your first posting.

Can I move all my current parcel and large letter postings to Mixed Weight?

This facility is for Mixed Weight postings only. Regular non-Mixed Weight postings are to be made under your usual accounts and uploaded via DocketHub.

What are the benefits to customers?

Customers have the opportunity to benefit from more efficient mail preparation, as they will in most cases reduce the number of mail containers they use, i.e. instead of presenting three separate containers for a single selection, these are combined within a single container.

What do I do if my Mixed Weight posting also contains non-Mixed Weight containers?

There will, on occasion, be instances whereby a posting includes both Mixed Weight and non-Mixed Weight containers. The DocketHub system will allow the upload of such containers. However the Mixed Weight facility must not be used to upload postings that are not intended to be Mixed Weight.

Where can I find out more about posting using the Mixed Weight service?

For more information please see the Access User Guide.

If the answer to your question is not here then please email us.