Do I have to print a Customer Access Indicator on my mailing item?

No, it is optional. The Customer Access Indicator is one part of the mailpiece indicia (the other is the Royal Mail Access Indicator). If you do wish to apply a Customer Access Indicator, the design of the Customer Access Indicator must be approved by Royal Mail Wholesale, and when used be clearly visible on every downstream access mailing item. A correct and legible indicia is the means by which we identify the sender. 

How do I obtain the ‘Royal Mail Access Indicator’ design template?

If you are a contract holder, you can download the new ‘Access Indicator’ from the Royal Mail Wholesale website. You will need to register on the website and contact Charlotte Marshall at to obtain your 'Access Licence number'.

If you require further assistance, contact:

Can I change my branding/customer logos for the customer indicia design for different mailings?

Yes. You can have up to five approved Customer Access Indicators actively in use at any one time. Each must be pre-approved by the Royal Mail Wholesale commercial team. This is to ensure our sorting machines and operational colleagues can correctly identify your Access Indicia, and avoid unnecessary delays to your mail. Each design is tested on our machines in a trial environment and so you will need to allow time for us to approve your proposals, which can take up to eight weeks. To avoid problems in relation, for example to unauthorised use by a third party, the Customer Access Indicator that you propose must be a registered trademark.

What about the positioning of the Access indicia and address labels for parcels?

We want to be able to process your mail as efficiently as possible so the positioning and visibility of the Access indicia is important. The indicia positioning templates are there to help you position the Access indicia correctly on letter format mailing items. Please make sure that you let your Access Account Manager know in advance when it may not be practical to position the Access indicia as shown in the indicia positioning template, for example this may be due to the dimensions of the parcel. We will be happy to discuss your requirements. This way we can ensure the Access indicia is positioned correctly to avoid delay or any incorrect surcharges being raised.

Does the Access indicia always have to be black on white?

No. But you must always ensure there is a strong colour contrast between the Access indicia and the background of the mailing item. This is to ensure our sorting machines can detect address and payment details and that the Access indicia is visible so we can clearly see payment has been made. It is acceptable for dark, strong colours to be used. If you wish to use a negative Access indicia, you must have this approved (by the Royal Mail Access Account Manager) before using it to ensure it will be correctly recognised by our machines and operational units.

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