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Ofcom announces investigation
Royal Mail plc (RMG.L) has been notified by Ofcom, this afternoon, that it has decided to open an investigation following a complaint brought by TNT Post UK about certain changes to Royal Mail's Access contracts due to come into effect from 31 March 2014.

For more information please see the attached:

4th March 2014 - Update on changes to Access Letters Contracts

The attached Letter sets out how Ofcom's decision to open an investigation impacts your Access agreement with us.

Royal Mail Business Mail Large Letter
We are introducing a lower price for customers declaring that they are posting Business Mail Large Letters rather than a general mix of Large Letters. Customers will therefore be able to access 3 different prices for Large Letters depending on what content they are sending: Advertising Large Letters, Business Mail Large Letters or a general Large Letters.

For more information about Large Letter changes please see the following:

For the Royal Mail Business Mail Large Letter™ Schedule follow the link.
For more information about what can/ cannot be sent as Business Mail Large Letter™ follow the link.

19th March 2014 - Update to Schedule 19: Royal Mail Business Mail Large Letter™

Attached below is a clarification note to explain the intention of the Permitted Items list and how changes to the list will be managed.
To view the Change Notice 007, please go to the Access Letters Contracts page.

Changes in Zones to Postcode Sectors
The results of the annual review of the allocation of Zones to Postcodes Sectors have determined some movement to some Postcode Sectors to come into effect from 31st March 2014. Please see the attached letter for details on how the the change affects your contract(s) with us. The change notices relating to the Access Letters Contract and the Wholesale Parcels Contract are available on the relevant intranet pages. 

Access Tariff Notice 2014
Changes to the Access prices will come into effect on 31st March 2014. They include the prices for Access services under the current Access Letters Contract, the Wholesale Parcels Contract and the Condition 9 Access Agreements.
Full details can be found on the Pricing Page.

Click here to see a summary of the key price changes that we are making.
Changes to Access Contracts
In line with Tariff 2014, we are changing the price plans of the Access Letters Contract to respond to changes in the market and reflect up-to-date information on costs. These changes are part of a longer term programme to adjust Access Contracts so that they better reflect the way the Universal Service Obligation delivery network is structured and operated and the costs of maintaining that network, against the backdrop of a continuing decline in letter volumes.

In summary, the changes to the price plans are:

1. different levels of price change by service to reflect customer requirements and developments in our operation;

2. the introduction of a price differential of 1.2% between the National Price Plan One (NPP1) and the national Averaged Price Plan Two (APP2)/ the Zonal Price Plan (ZPP3). This reflects the cost benefits to Royal Mail of receiving advance information about posting volumes at the local level, which NPP1 customers provide but APP2 and ZPP3 customers do not, as well as the value to customers of the greater flexibility they enjoy under APP2 and ZPP3; and

3. changes to the differential between zonal Access prices in response to changing market conditions.

Additionally, we are revising some of the criteria and permitted variances for NPP1. These are detailed in Customer Change Notices 3-4. Some of these changes will not take effect until 4 August 2014. 
Mailmark (formerly EIB)
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