We like to keep things as simple as possible for our customers, so trading with Royal Mail Wholesale is carried out electronically.

Our DocketHUB system provides a full suite of functionality for the submission of Access posting details.

Available to download:

*The Service Status List document above provides a single point of reference for the current list of all access services and their corresponding DocketHUB and SAP codes, which customers who have signed up to the appropriate contract can use.

Available to download (DocketHUB):

  • The latest vehicle and Mixed Weight Webservice document can be obtained via your Account Director


Systems and Support

The Database files you need to sort your address data into the correct Access service is free of charge and can be easily downloaded.

A summary presentation on the use of DocketHUB is available for all new customers and further support is provided by e-mailing the DocketHUB support team.

For further contact information see our contacts page.