What systems will I have to use?

To trade with Royal Mail Wholesale you will use Royal Mail’s electronic docketing system DocketHub, which is hosted by Mosaic On-Line Systems. There are no paper-based alternatives.

What does the DocketHUB system do?

DocketHUB accepts upload data details of customers’ bulk mailing for posting on any one day and translates these into manifests showing the mail to be received at each mail centre. Any changes made to a manifest, e.g. notification of exceptions, adjustments made as a result of non-compliance or Revenue Protection sampling activity, are tracked in DocketHUB and presented to the poster as adjustments to the original upload.
DocketHUB also allows customers to book access slots at mail centres and notify Royal Mail of the drivers and vehicles expected at mail centres. All customers must forecast in advance the volumes of mail expected at each mail centre by format to allow Royal Mail to process the mail efficiently and effectively

Do I have to deal with Royal Mail Wholesale electronically or can I use paper dockets?

Electronic submission of mailing data is required for all Access postings to enable low costs for customers and Royal Mail alike. There is no manual option.

Will I have to buy any software?

No. The software needed to trade with Royal Mail Wholesale is available to download free-of-charge from www.royalmailwholesale.com

Does Royal Mail Wholesale provide any training?

A presentation on the use of DocketHub is provided for all new customers and support is provided by e-mailing support@dockethub.com

Who do I contact to test my systems interface?

Once you have been issued with an account number, contact the DocketHUB Support Team at support@docketHUB.com

What are the timescales for the docket upload?

Dockets have to be uploaded between 12.00 midnight and 3.30am, with final confirmation of a docket made by 6.30am.