Why does Royal Mail measure quality of service for Access mail?

Royal Mail Wholesale and its customers recognise the importance of having an independent measure of quality to promote the efficient operation of the market in postal services and to enable a performance measure for the medium of post, which competes in the wider communications market.

It is also a regulatory condition for Royal Mail to measure Access quality of service from handover to Royal Mail through to the final delivery address (handover to delivery). The discrete measurement of Access handover to delivery quality of service commenced in April 2007.

How is Access quality of service measured?

This is managed by an independent research company using a combination of posting and recipient panelists and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) devices. Quotas have been appointed as the new supplier for the independent survey measurement. Quotas organises the anonymised seeding of sending customers' mail and has a group of receiving panelists who record when seed items are delivered. All of Quotas' work is performed on a completely independent, confidential and statistically valid basis.

How is Royal Mail's performance measured?

Quotas arranges for participating customers to insert seed items containing RFID devices in to live mail. Royal Mail mail centres are fitted with gates that interact with the individual RFID devices and record the time and date each time the seed items pass by these gates. This information is sent to the independent research company and is used to measure the point at which mail is handed over from the carrier to Royal Mail. Independent panelists recruited by Quotas record the date and time of delivery. From time to time Access mail may need to be held by Royal Mail at inward mail centres when contractual conditions have not been met by the posting customer or their carrier. In such circumstances Royal Mail would advise the independent research company and any affected seeds may be removed from the survey.

Who decides where sample items are sent?

Quotas uses the industry specification to determine a statistically valid sample base in terms of mail type, volumes, formats and geography.

Is this measure independent from Royal Mail?

Yes. Quotas manages the whole survey and produces the results independently of Royal Mail. These results are provided independently by Quotas to those customers participating in the survey and the consolidated results are published here. Consolidated Quarterly Handover to Delivery results are also provided to Ofcom.

As a contract holder, if I want to become an Access quality of service sample poster what do I have to do?

Speak to your Access Account Manager, who will ensure your details are passed to Quotas, who will contact you and provide further details on how your traffic may be included in the survey. 

For non Royal Mail contract holders please contract Quotas by email d.kulms@quotas.de or alternatively your carrier for more information on how to participate in the survey.

Where can I find reports on End to End Access performance?

Quarterly and Annual amalgamated End to End Access quality of service reports will soon be available on the Quotas website.

If the answer to your question is not here then please email us