Withdrawing OCR, Access 1400 and non-barcoded GLL Consultation Response

We would like to thank you for your valued consultation feedback provided on our proposals to withdraw Access OCR, 1400 and 70 Mech Letters and Large Letters, and unbarcoded General Large Letter services

We received responses to the consultation document from 8 interested parties. At a high level, the response to our proposal to withdraw OCR, 1400 and 70 Mech services was broadly supported by all respondents. On the proposal to withdraw non-barcoded GLLs, two respondents expressed concerns, whilst others were either supportive or offered no view either way.

Having considered all feedback very carefully, we plan to proceed with each of the proposals. In our decision document, which you can find here, we explain our decision in full and where applicable outline the additional support we will make available to customers.

Access Letters Contract Change Notice 099 and User Guide Amendment Notice 073 gives effect to the changes as set out in the decision document to take effect from 1 April 2024.

If you have any questions please contact your Account Director.