Updates to the Mailmark Letters and Large Letters Specification

We are delighted to announce that we are making further improvements to our Mailmark Letters and Large Letters specification to provide greater clarity to supply chain partners and enable posting customers to optimise their investment in mail.  

Mailmark items make up circa 94% of Royal Mail Wholesale volume, with customers benefitting from the capacity to monitor the progress of their mailings via Mailmark Direct Data. Following feedback from both our operations team and our customers, we reviewed the existing Mailmark specifications, to identify areas requiring further clarity to support the continued efficient processing of mail.

Whilst the majority of the changes are intended to provide further clarity to existing Mailmark specification we are also adding some new specification points aimed at improving the efficient processing of mail, including a specification for One Piece specification and a specification for Do Not Redirect letters. Full details are provided in the appended User Guide Amendment Notice.

The full range of changes are summarised in an overview document which you can find here.

User Guide Amendment Notice number 075 provides further details of the changes to the Access User Guide. In line with clause 13.2(b)(ii) and clause 13.3(c) of the Access Letters Contract, the changes will come into effect from 2 April 2024.  

If you have any queries regarding the changes please contact your Account Director.