UPDATE: Modernising our Advertising Mail seed check process

Since 29 May 2019, we have been working closely with our customers to support them in ensuring a seed is provided for all Advertising Mail postings in line with contractual requirements.  To support this activity, we developed a Mailmark reporting tool which enables customers to check whether they have sent a seed to us, and have been working with customers to embed this into their businesses.

We previously communicated that, from 26 August 2019, we would begin removing the Advertising Mail discount from postings where a seed has not been provided within two weeks of our request.  However, we understand that some customers are still organising their resource, making the necessary changes to systems, and working with their own customers and supply chains to ensure that all required seeds are provided to us. 

As a result, we will not begin removing the Advertising Mail discount until 20 January 2020.  Whilst a shorter delay of a couple of months would be fair and reasonable, we have listened to our customers and recognise the challenges we all face as we go into our peak mailing season. By deferring to the new year, we hope we can all focus on delivering a great service to our customers at this critical time, whilst also ensuring all customers have sufficient time to take the necessary steps to increase their adherence to the seed process.

During the extended period, we will continue to work with customers to overcome any barriers they may be facing in providing a seed for all Advertising Mail postings.

Our Account Directors will be in touch shortly with customers to discuss with you in more detail any issues you may be facing and help you with finding solutions to resolve any problems. Such collaborative working is of upmost importance if, as an industry, we are to achieve 100% compliance and ensure a level playing field for all in the letters postal market.

If you have any queries regarding the modernised process please contact your Account Director.