Try Mail Incentive Extended / Supporting publishers through the TIS Incentive

Try Mail Incentive extended to 31 December 2024


In October 2022 we launched Try Mail, a new type of Incentive designed to support the postal industry in diversifying the breadth and depth of customers who use mail.


Diversifying our customer base and increasing the number of new users to mail is a key strategic imperative to growing advertising mail volume and we are pleased to announce that this incentive has been extended and is now open until 31 December 2024.


As a reminder the Try Mail Incentive is not openly available and is limited to 350 target customers, hence we are not promoting the incentive on the Royal Mail Wholesale website, as we would usually do for other incentives. We also encourage you not to publicise the incentive on your own respective website for the above reason.


We are also reviewing the 350 target customers and will be in a position to share the revised list shortly.


If you are an Access contract holder and you wish to find out more information about the incentive, or to become an eligible partner who provide its services to incentive participants on a complementary basis, please contact your Account Director. If you do want to become an eligible partner you will be required to sign an agreement which we can make available to you upon request. If you become an eligible partner you are not obliged to participate in the incentive.


Supporting publishers through the TIS Incentive


We are also pleased to announce that from 9 October 2023 customers will be able to use our existing Testing and Innovation incentive (TIS) to support incremental direct mail volume from publishers to promote subscriptions over the Christmas period. Promoting magazine subscriptions during the Christmas period is a strategic way for Publishers to capitalise on the holiday season and gift-giving spirit of the Christmas period.


This use of the TIS incentive can support up to 1m incremental items per posting Publisher by offering incentive credits at a rate of 30% off the rate card price for eligible Advertising Mail Economy Letters and is available until 31 January 2024.

The updated TIS incentive terms and conditions and postage credit rates can be found here. We are also in the process of developing a sales presenter which provides further detail on the incentive, and will upload this to the Wholesale website in due course.  


If you have any questions please contact your Account Director.