Setting up Mailmark participants and SCIDs correctly

A Mailmark supply chain ID (SCID) is made up of four participants, one of which is the Mail Originator. We define the Mail Originator as the participant on whose behalf the items are being produced. The incentive programme has highlighted the fact that SCIDs are not always being set-up as per the Mailmark terms; specifically we have SCIDs where the Mail Producer is incorrectly identified as Mail Originator.  We started discussing this issue with customers in the autumn 2016 and in many cases together we have been able to fix the issue. We appreciate your support in helping us fix the remaining incorrect SCIDs and ensuring future compliance.


Please find attached (here) an explanatory note on why setting up SCIDs correctly is important and details of the changes we have made to the SCID set-up process to make this easier for everyone to achieve.