Scheme For Growth - Double discount offer
We are pleased to announce that we are doubling the discount for additional incremental mail posted between 1 February 2017 and the 25 March 2017 under the Royal Mail Group Scheme for Growth's Advertising Content Incentive. This double discount offer will enable a participant to earn postage credits of between 5p and 21p. The discounts are specific to the service used, as published here
The Access notice is here

The qualifying period:
  • For customers who have submitted a completed application, the qualifying period is 1 February 2017 to 25 March 2017; and
  • For new customers who have yet to submit an application, the qualifying period will be from their start date to 25 March 2017.  

For new customers, we will:
  • agree with the applicant their original planned incremental volume for the qualifying period (i.e. their incremental forecast); and 
  • agree their potential additional incremental volume that could be posted by 25 March 2017 and could qualify for the additional discount (i.e. the additional mail posted above the agreed incremental forecast).

For postage credits to be awarded for this double discount offer, participants are required to meet the terms of the Scheme for Growth Advertising Content Incentive.

If you have any questions relating to this offer, please contact

This offer has now expired.