New service - Access Packets 2-5kg
We informed you in February of our intention to introduce the facility to post heavier Packet items up to 5kg via your Access 120 service. We are now pleased to confirm that this weight extension will launch from the 1st August 2011 and allows customers to hand over heavier Packet items when using the Access 120 and the Access 1400 Services.

Customers wishing to use the extended weights on their Access 120 and Access 1400 Services are required to sign the new Access Packets 2-5kg Agreement before the extended weights and applicable prices can be added to your Access account.
Full details can be found in the following documents attached:

UGA15 details the changes to the User Guide to support the launch of Access packets 2-5kg

This version allows for handover of the new extended weights

This version details the use of ALPS for both Access 120 and Access 1400 Services