Letters and Parcels Tariff Change Notice/ Postcode sectors to Zones changes 2020

Today we are announcing the following important changes which affect the Access Letters Contract and Wholesale Parcels Contract:

  1. Price changes for our Access General Large Letter services and our Wholesale Parcels services, and changes to the permitted variances of National Price Plan One (SSCs) and Averaged Price Plan Two (Zones), under both contracts, and to the Regional Price Plan of the Access Letters Contract. The attached letter and appended change notices provides an overview of the changes, which will take effect from 23 March 2020; and
  2. Following our annual review of the allocation of Postcode Sectors to Zones, there is some movement of some Postcode Sectors between the Zones for the forthcoming financial year 2020/21. The changes affect the Access Letters Contract, the Wholesale Parcels Contract and the Condition 9 Premium Agreement as detailed in the attached letter and appended contract change notices.

Full details of the price and profile changes can be found on our Pricing page.