JICMAIL WEBINAR: Using JICMAIL on your journey to the DMA Awards
Join JICMAIL for a webinar on Wednesday 19 February and hear case studies from users on how they used JICMAIL in their award-winning campaign and how you can use it too

Providing a whole world of useful insights into the actions consumers take when they receive mail, JICMAIL is designed to help you plan and execute award-worthy campaigns.

This webinar will be packed with useful case studies and examples, you’ll see how to use JICMAIL to support success across each area of award criteria including strategy, creativity and results.

We’ll show you how to use JICMAIL in your pitch for new business, when you’re planning campaigns and when you’re evaluating and reporting your success.

During the webinar you will:

•Hear case studies from JICMAIL users

•Discover how JICMAIL can help you create an enticing campaign

•Hear practical insights about JICMAIL from industry experts

 3.00 PM

To register for the webinar click here