JICMAIL: 7 essential insights – in less than 10 minutes

New, improved functionality for JICMAIL Discovery now enables you to extract fast insight from your JICMAIL data to inform and improve your campaign planning.

JICMAIL data is collected by Kantar by organising a panel of households to record all of the mail they receive for a week and their commercial and physical actions for 28 days.

You can:

  • Calculate your core gold standard metrics including:-

1. Item reach;
2. Campaign reach;
3. Campaign frequency;
4. Lifespan;
5. Total impacts;

…..and for every mail campaign....

6, Identify new audiences for acquisition testing;
7. Inform your content strategy by seeing what content is most likely to drive the right actions for your campaign.

JICMAIL (Joint Industry Committee for Mail) marks a first for mail. Set up by the DMA, IPA, ISBA, Whistl and Royal Mail, JICMAIL provides mail with the same metrics available to other channels' data that’s used by media planners to help map out campaigns. The data is captured by global market research agency Kantar TNS, using a diary that follows each piece of mail over a four-week period, across a sample size of 1,000 UK households. To find out more about JICMAIL visit the JICMAIL website.