Introducing our new Environmental Guidance

We are pleased to publish our new environmental guidance today for our Advertising Mail, Business Mail and Subscription Mail Access products, which comes into effect from 4 January 2022. The guidance can be found at

Businesses are recognising the need to act in a sustainable way as expectations on corporate responsibility increase and Royal Mail has been taking positive action so that we can continue to contribute to the global challenge that climate change presents. We know that mail communications can play an active role in accelerating behaviour change and can be a real force for helping drive sustainable growth and social good.

Working collaboratively with the industry is critical and we have worked with a number of industry experts and organisations to develop our new environmental guidance to take into account the latest advice regarding mail pack materials and recyclability. The provision of the guidance is an important step for our industry in helping enable a sustainable future and we look forward to ongoing collaboration.  

Over the coming months we plan to do more to promote best practice in mail production and the use of sustainable materials, so we can all do the right thing together. We will evolve our guidance as recycling of different materials and substrates becomes the norm for citizens and as government policy and advice dictates. We will also continue to work with customers and industry bodies to collectively progress advancement in technologies and environmental standards.  

Please note that we are not mandating for customers to adopt the specifications within the guidance - it is optional.

For the avoidance of doubt, customers must continue to follow the existing Responsible Mail specifications to qualify for the discounted rate until the product is withdrawn on 4 January 2022.

We hope you find the new guidance useful and if you wish to have a 121 briefing to discuss the guidance further, this can be arranged via your Account Director.