Importance of UCIDs for JICMAIL data

The choice of media channels has proliferated at a dramatic rate over recent years, making it harder to get mail on the agenda when people are planning their communications.  Therefore having the tools to help aid those decisions is vital in an omni-channel world. 

Since the launch of JICMAIL in January 2018, Wholesale customers and Royal Mail have worked together to bring added insight on the value of mail to the market. The use of JICMAIL has permeated the industry but it is still missing one vital pillar ??" circulation

At the request of JICMAIL, when JICMAIL was introduced, the mail industry agreed to allow the sharing of volume posting data, by brand, with Nielsen, a global measurement and data analytics company, for the purpose of providing insight information to the market on advertising trends in line with other media channels.

To facilitate this process, it is vital that each Advertising Mail seed contains a valid UCID in line with the requirements set out in the Access Letters Contract. Without the presence of a UCID, the mail item cannot be matched to a mailing volume.

Both Royal Mail and Nielsen have identified numerous seeds which do not contain a valid UCID. Additionally Wholesale seeds are being incorrectly addressed to a Royal Mail Retail seed address. 

Therefore we are writing to remind you that all Wholesale Advertising Mail seeds must contain a valid UCID (which should be positioned as detailed below) and must be sent to the following address: 

RM Sample

Royal Mail Wholesale [immediately followed by the relevant UCID number, e.g. 12345 and the Mail Reference]

PO Box 72662



We are also writing to our software supplier network to remind them of the above requirements. We encourage you to work with your own supply chain members to identify where the requirements are not being met, and to rectify this promptly.