General Election Mailings and the Key National Posting Process

You will be aware that the General Election has been announced to take place 4 July 2024. We write to remind you of the importance of following the requirements under the DSA Key National Posting (KNP) process. We recognise that timescales are constrained and that some customers may start posting poll cards in the next week or so. Therefore can you ensure that you update DocketHub as soon as you are aware that you are carrying out any KNPs related to election mailings, whether it be poll cards, postal voting packs or election materials from the mailing parties.

By doing this it will enable us to pre-notify the Royal Mail operations network so that it can plan resource accordingly thus helping to give your mailings the best chance of performing in line with your customers’ expectations.

It would also be really helpful if, rather than waiting until you have all the mailing data to provide a 100% accurate fall-to-earth, that you instead encourage your customers to provide an approximate volume and handover per Mail Centre for each council mailing as promptly as possible.

Your Account Director will be in touch shortly to discuss your General Elections plans in more detail and share best practice.