Disruptive Event in respect of the King's Coronation Ceremony - FOLLOW UP

Last week, we notified you of a Disruptive Event in respect of the King’s Coronation Ceremony being held on Saturday 6 May 2023.  

Further to that communication, Transport for London has confirmed which roads it has authorised to be closed for street parties in the City of London.  

Attached is a list of those road closures for your information.  

As per last week’s communication, to mitigate the adverse impact on deliveries as much as possible, we will prepare Mailing Items which are due for delivery on Saturday 6 May and where we have access to deliver those Mailing Items at the attached localities, we will do so on the same day. Where we are unable to access certain localities, Mailing Items will be delivered on the next working day, which is Tuesday 9 May, although depending on the volumes some deliveries of outstanding Mailing Items may roll into Wednesday 10 May.