Covid19 Open for Business Incentive: Extending the Volume Cap

Following the popularity of our Covid19 Open for Business Incentive, we are delighted to let you know that we are  increasing the overall volume cap of the incentive from 20 million items to 120 million items. The incentive is running until 31 December 2020, and is designed to assist businesses with directly engaging with customers and prospects, and provide a much needed boost to their trading and advertising activity.


We appreciate that the changing nature of the Covid-19 situation in the UK means that different segments of the market may wish to engage their customers and prospects at a time which is going to be most impactful. To ensure that businesses are able to receive the support when they need it, and with an emphasis on supporting shorter term volume to keep the market active,  we are splitting the allocation of the overall incentive volume cap (including currently approved applications) as follows:

  • 40 million items for May and June;
  • 60 million items for July to September;
  • 20 million items for October to December.

We are currently processing over 130 applications received since the incentive launched on 6 May 2020, and will let you know when we have reached 75% of the volume cap for each segment shown above.


We will be monitoring the market conditions over the weeks ahead to best understand if, and when, any other interventions are required.  We will keep you updated on this.


To apply for the incentive all you need to do is complete an online application form.  The incentive terms and conditions, eligibility guidance, postage credit rates, and a helpful sales presenter, can also be found on the Covid-19 Open for Business Incentive page.