Consultation: Access Indicia
Last July we expressed our intention to print a 'Delivered by Royal Mail' mark on all Letter items that passed through Royal Mail's processing machines with effect from September 2011. It was an initiative designed to give recognition to the dedication of Royal Mail's postmen and postwomen who do a fantastic job in delivering mail to 29 million addresses across the UK six days a week. We did not implement our proposal in September as intended due to the immediate concerns raised by our customers of the position of the mark on their envelope designs.

We have listened to your concerns and the feedback you provided has helped us to develop an alternative implementation plan that will support customer requirements as well as meet Royal Mail's objective of recognising the work of its postmen and postwomen.

However, before we make a final decision, we would appreciate some further feedback from you. Based on your ideas, we have created a number of design options around placing the 'Delivered by Royal Mail' mark within the Access Indicium which you can view in the attached consultation.

Please send your responses to Jenny Ledgar before the 3rd March 2012.

We look forward to hearing from you!