Change to Presentation Specification for Poll Cards

After considering industry feedback, we are amending Appendix P of the Access User Guide to make it easier for mail producers to produce poll cards, as follows:

  • We no longer restrict the number of items a customer can include in a bundle, but require that the bundle size does not exceed 15cm.  We note that a 15cm bundle typically includes 100 items; and
  • Customers can now apply the walk name to the poll card item as an alternative to applying it to the bundle label. 

User Guide Amendment Notice (number 050) provides full details of the changes.

In line with clause 13.3.3 of the Access Letters Contract, the changes will come into effect from 31 December 2018. However, customers who wish to produce their items in accordance with the changes from the date of this letter, may do so and we shall accept and process such items accordingly.