Amendment to Agency Contracts Proposal 04-01-2011
We have an increasing number of agency customers that have opened credit accounts with us which are either not being used or are being used infrequently and for relatively low posting volumes. Like you, whilst we welcome the prospect of new business, we are mindful that the requirements of the Access Agreement incur some fixed costs for the setting up of a new account, for us as well as for you, and we would hope that consideration is given to these before taking on a new customer. The current situation, as described here, indicates otherwise. Since there are no specific terms in the current Agency Agreements to ensure that this is the case, we would like to consult with you, as Agency Operators, on a proposal to amend the Agency Operator Agreement.

Customers are invited to comment on any aspect of this consultation document by the 31st January 2011. We will review your feedback and confirm our final proposal, subject to the feedback received, by 7th February 2011.