ACCESS NOTICE: Manual Mailmark Service for General Large Letters and Access Parcels

We are pleased to announce the launch on 5 April 2021 of our new Manual Mailmark Service for General Large Letters (GLLs) and Access Parcels, which will provide further product choice to Wholesale customers.


The new products will use the existing GLL and Parcels specifications as the baseline. To add the Mailmark variant to those products, customers will need to:

  1. Apply address labelling to assist with the automation of items posted using the service;
  1. Apply a Mailmark barcode to the items;
  1. Upload an eManifest daily, detailing the items being posted using the service

The key features of the new service are as follows:

  • Lower price: The new service will be set at a lower price than the non-Mailmark GLL and Parcels services.
  • Ease of use: The Mailmark system is widely used by letters customers. The new services enable customers to use existing, systems and processes to generate Mailmark barcodes, and add GLL and Parcels services to existing Mailmark eManifests.
  • Enhanced reporting: The new Mailmark services will take advantage of Royal Mail investment in new parcel-sorting automation to support Mailmark reporting on the products. This is expected to become available from October 2021.
  • Billing and adjustments: The new services will be included in the in-Process Revenue Protection (iRP) system from October 2021, which will provide customers with detailed information on items that have failed specification, and an adjustment process based on item level information.

To effect the introduction of the Manual Mailmark Service from 5 April 2021, we are introducing a new Schedule 31: Manual Mailmark to the Access Letters Contract and Schedule 14: Manual Mailmark to the Wholesale Parcels Contract.  We have also made changes to the Access User Guide and Parcels User Guide. The change notices and User Guide amendment notices detail the changes to the Access Letters Contract and the Wholesale Parcels Contract respectively, and can be found on the contracts pages of our website.


We have developed a customer presenter and FAQ document for the new Manual Mailmark service which you can find at If you have any other queries regarding the new service, please contact your Account Director.