ACCESS COMMUNICATION: Suspension of non-Mailmark Advertising Mail Seed Check Adjustments extended

In January 2021, we wrote to inform you that, as a result of the national lockdown, we were suspending the adjustments for non-receipt of seeds for non-Mailmark Advertising Mail and Partially Addressed Mail, until a provisional date of 20 February 2021, due to our inability to carry out physical checks of seeds for those services.


We are extending this suspension by two weeks to 6 March 2021. We will continue to keep this date under review.  


This extension also applies to the relaxation we have made on customers’ requirements to send us seeds within 2 weeks of us notifying you that we have not received one. For Advertising Mail seed check reports you receive until 6 March 2021, we are extending this period to 4 weeks.  


Notwithstanding this temporary relaxation of the contractual requirements,  we continue to ask that customers continue to comply with their contractual obligation to provide a seed on the same date as the mailing being posted.


Should you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact your Account Director.