ACCESS COMMUNICATION: Sign up for Mailmark Direct Data

The response from the industry to Mailmark Direct Data (MDD) has been very positive, with customers increasingly signing up to access the data since it was introduced in December 2020.  


Some customers are now using MDD data to measure the performance of their mailing campaigns as well as using the item level insight to help diagnose why items have had adjustment charges applied.


Item level adjustment data


Following the removal of Adobe Flash Player (which was used previously by customers to access Mailmark reports), we established an interim solution to enable customers to access their item adjustment data through files sent to the bill payer via MOVEit.


This interim solution will be ceasing on 2 July 2021, and we strongly urge customers to sign up to MDD so that you can access your item level data and, through the use of an in-house solution or software, apply the necessary logic to identify those items which have had issues and could have adjustments applied (e.g. missorts, incorrect address, incorrect DPS, duplicate item IDs and unmanifested items).


What is MDD?


MDD is item level data in csv format providing details on all Mailmark items. This information can be blended with other information held by the customer, who we understand are considering using the insight for purposes such as:

  1. Enhance existing Customer Relationship Management systems;
  2. Trigger additional customer action including programmatic mail and e-channels;
  3. More efficiently manage the mail supply chain;
  4. Measure the performance of important customer communications; and
  5. Integrate mail into multi-channel customer communications strategy.

How can I sign up for MDD?


If you are interested in signing up to receive MDD, simply contact your Account Director or respond to this email. You will be asked to provide information such as your Participant ID(s), company name and contact information.


Additionally, you will be required to sign the MDD agreement, the terms of which you can find here.


We have set up a dedicated webpage on the Wholesale website which includes more details about MDD as well as technical specifications and a training presentation.


If you have any questions, please contact your Account Director.