ACCESS COMMUNICATION: Reminder about Manual Mailmark eManifest and Barcode requirements

On 16 February 2021 we wrote to you, clarifying the selection requirement customers should be using when creating Mailmark barcodes and uploading eManifests for the Manual Mailmark service for Parcels and GLLs.


In the same communication we announced some changes to barcode and eManifest selection requirements for existing Mailmark services, whereby from 26 August 2021 customers must:

  • select ‘Service Type 0’ for Letters and ‘Service Type 1’ for Large Letters in the 2D barcode; and
  • for 2D barcode and 4-state barcode types, select ‘Service Type 0’) for Letters and ‘Service Type 1’ for Large Letters in the eManifest.

We would also like to clarify the following points:

  • ServiceType was previously called ‘RTS Service Type’ in the 2D barcode.  It is mandatory that a type value is added ??" null is no longer acceptable.
  • ServiceType was previously called ’ResponseMailType’ in the eManifest. 
  • Filling a format value in the eManifest ‘Format‘ field is still a mandatory requirement.  This is not affected by the change noted above.

We remind you that the above changes become effective from 26 August 2021 (as per Contract Change Notice no.075).


If you have any queries please contact your Account Director.