ACCESS COMMUNICATION: Advertising Mail seeds and Covid-19

We are making a temporary change to the Advertising Mail seed check process to help you during this second national lockdown period. For the avoidance of doubt, this change will apply to all Access customers across the United Kingdom.


We appreciate that Covid-19 has caused resource constraints for our customers and their supply chains. This may make it difficult for customers to make the necessary arrangements to send us Advertising Mail seeds within 2 weeks of us notifying you that we have not received one. Therefore, as we did for the first national lockdown, we are extending this period to 4 weeks.  


This process change shall apply to Advertising Mail seed check reports you have received since 2 November 2020 until 2 December 2020.  We will keep this end date of 2 December 2020 under review.


Notwithstanding this temporary process change,  we continue to ask that customers continue to comply with their contractual obligation to provide a seed on the same date as the mailing being posted.


Should you have any questions regarding this matter or the impact of Covid-19 on our services, please contact your Account Director.