A reminder on Poll Card mailings
Just as a reminder, in Wholesale we have three main options for sending poll cards:

  • Poll Sort: this is the service we introduced for election poll card mailings, which is sorted to walk, presented in trays and bundled with walk label and is delivered over three days.
  • Mailmark: poll cards for this service must ONLY be of 2/3 ply thickness which needs to be accredited by Wholesale, presented in trays and sorted to Access 70 with next day delivery. Poll cards not meeting the specification and unmachinable will incur Mailmark adjustments and may be reverted to the next service specification they meet - likely to be Access 70 manual.
  • Access 1400: poll cards for this service must be sorted to 1529 selections, presented in trays or bags with next day delivery. 

Appendix P of the Access Letters User Guide provides further details about the specification requirements for each of the above.