Royal Mail Access Indicator

There are two specified sizes for the Royal Mail Access Indicator.

Royal Mail Access Indicator Size Guide:
You can choose which of these indicators you wish to use on each of your mailing Items:

• Large - the larger size is 30mm tall and 15mm wide.
• Small - the smaller size is 20mm tall and 15mm wide.

Access Indicator example (image not to scale)

S-block_PPI_20x15 Example

Access Indicia Artwork Contact

To obtain your Access Indicia artwork please contact:

  • E-Mail:

Your Access Licence Number must appear in the Royal Mail Access Indicator element of the Indicia.

We will provide you with your discrete Access Licence Number at the time you take out a contract with us. Once you have this number you will be able to insert it into the artwork we give you. 
You may not use your Access Indicator Licence Number on any of your mailing items until your Access Contract has been signed and an Access account number has been set up.

For more information on Access Indicia, please see Section 3 of the relevant User Guide.

Customer Access Indicator

The Customer Access Indicator is optional. If used, it must clearly and uniquely identify the contract holder via:

• The contract holder’s, or their carrier’s, legal entity name.
• A registered design of the contract holder or of their carrier.
• A trade mark design of the contract holder or of their carrier.

Customer Access Indicator Size Guide:
• Large indicator - the maximum area available is 30mm tall x 50mm wide.
• Small indicator - the maximum area available is 20mm tall x 50mm wide.

There is no minimum size but your logo needs to be visible and any words used to clearly and uniquely identify the Customer need to be in a font larger than 10 points.

Positioning Guide for Access Indicia

A 5mm gap is required between the Customer Access Indicator  and the Royal Mail Access Indicator as per the positioning guide attached below. This guide should be used to establish the relationship between the mailpiece outer and the artwork. The Access Indicia will need to be printed exactly in accordance with the positioning guide which you can see by clicking on the link on the left hand side.

Stamp-like Access Indicia

Below is the specification for the Stamp-like Access Indicia. Please speak to your Access Account Manager for further information.

Indicia Testing Stages

Indicia Testing Stage 1

Once you have designed your Customer Access Indicia as per the Positioning Guide and Section 3 of the relevant Access User Guide, please send a to-scale hard copy proof to the address below:

Stephen O'Hare
Royal Mail
4th Floor,
185 Farringdon Road

This hard copy proof check ensures that you do not print out test cards that we know will be rejected by Royal Mail sorting machines.

PLEASE NOTE: Royal Mail cannot approve the designs via a PDF file format as the dimensions may not be accurately replicated.

Indicia Testing Stage 2:
Once the proofs have been approved by Royal Mail, you will need to create a minimum of 100 test cards per design submitted and for each format of mail. We will confirm the dimensions for the test cards and the address for the testing as part of the approval process.

Indicia Testing Stage 3:
Once you have produced your test cards, they will need to be sent to Royal Mail for operational testing. Please note that this process could take  up to four weeks from when Royal Mail receives the test cards.