Update on Disruptive Event in respect of severe weather in March 2023

We wrote to you on 16 March 2023, informing you that the severe cold weather experienced across the UK from Monday 6 March constituted a Disruptive Event under the Access Letters Contract (ALC) and Wholesale Parcels Contract (WPC).

In particular, travel disruption (i.e. adverse driving and walking conditions) affected our team’s ability to travel to work and to carry out delivery rounds in certain localities, which impacted our ability to deliver all Mailing Items in line with the timescales specified in the ALC (i.e. D+2 for standard letters and D+5 for Economy mail) and the WPC (i.e. D+2 for parcels). We acknowledge that weather conditions can change quickly, and we undertake risk assessments throughout the day to ensure we are doing all we can to continue providing our services, whilst also ensuring our people’s health and safety is put first. 

The impact of the adverse weather at some offices continued to be felt until Monday 13 March 2023.  I am therefore writing to let you know that Royal Mail is not seeking to rely on this Disruptive Event from and including 14 March 2023.

Based on an assessment of available data from the sites which reported being impacted by the adverse weather, we estimate that, at a national level, Access quality of service in March was adversely impacted overall by 2.3%.

Should any further Disruptive Events arise, we shall tell you about it as soon as we reasonably can.