Simplification of the Access Letters Contract - update on contract change notice 087
Following engagement with some customers, we have decided to defer the implementation of Access Letters Contract (ALC) Change Notice Number 087 (CCN087) ??" the revised date of implementation will be confirmed as soon as possible.

What is CCN087?

CCN087 is a change notice we issued to Access customers on 30 November 2021. Following the consultation we held as part of our review of the ALC, we decided to introduce amendments to the ALC ??" the change notice implements these amendments. CCN087 was due to take effect on 16 June 2022. You can view all relevant documents pertaining to the ALC review at

Why are we deferring its implementation?

We released our decision document relating to the consultation proposals on 31 August 2021. In summary, the decision enables us to introduce new products and services at shorter notice, aligns the notice periods for changes to existing services, and introduces a limitation period for the submission of customer claims relating to incurred Access charges. It also confirmed that we would be simplifying the structure and wording of the ALC and the User Guide to make the contractual terms clearer and easier to navigate.

Some customers have raised issues in relation to the simplification of the structure and wording of the ALC.
Therefore, to allow time for us to fully understand the issues raised and further engage with customers, we have decided to defer the implementation of CCN087.

Next steps

We are currently agreeing the process to review the issues. We intend to give all ALC contract holders the opportunity to be involved in the conversation. We will update you shortly on that process and on the new implementation date.