ACCESS NOTICE: Simplification of the Access Letters Contract - Contract Change Notice 093

We wrote to you on 29 November 2022 to let you know that we had alleviated concerns held by some customers in respect of some changes being made under Access Letters Contract (ALC) Change Notice Number 087 (CCN087), and confirmed that CCN087 will take effect from 1 January 2023.

As mentioned in that letter, during the discussions with customers, we identified further opportunities to clarify the ALC which we are implementing through the appended contract change notice number 093, This includes changes to the User Guide to make it clear:

  • which columns in figure 1 of the User Guide are ‘attributes’ of an Access Service;
  • that customers are permitted to cross strap bundles of Mailmark Letters and Large Letters presented in paper-wrap across the width of the items provided there are a minimum of two straps located towards the edge of each bundle;
  • that it is not mandatory to provide 7-Working Day rolling forecasts for ad-hoc Access Slots, but that these should be provided where possible;
  • that when providing forecasts customers must provide a breakdown of Mailing Items by format and by machinability i.e. machinable and manual items; and
  • that the orientation of machinable items must be landscape.

We encourage you to inform your respective agency customers about the changes that are coming into effect under change notice 093.

Should you have any queries regarding the appended change notice please contact your Account Director.