Royal Mail Access Customer Final Labels (CFL) Files

The Royal Mail Access CFL Files link the correct standard selection codes (SSC) with the routing and content information that our customers require for Royal Mail Access customer final labels.

The Files include a Mail Centre address look-up table that incorporates a unique Mail Centre Code. This provides a link between the Mail Centres and their Access selection codes as well as an additional field for the Mail Centre name.

The Royal Mail Access CFL Files may be subject to change as a result of the Mail Centre rationlisation programme. It is therefore important to note that at times the use of the latest release of the Royal Mail Access CFL Files may be required.

If you have any problems updating your Customer Final

Labelling software:

Customers requiring further information should contact:

Stephen O'Hare

Customers using final labelling software will need to contact their software supplier to arrange for their software to be updated with the latest Royal Mail Access CFL Files.

Customers who have developed their own final labelling solutions will need to incorporate the new Files, which is available to download below.

File Format

The CFL Files are available in Fixed Field Width format for use by Royal Mail Access sortation software.

The CFL Files have been zipped. For more information on zip files follow the link to the left.

Available to Download:

A download file is available to logged-in customers. If you are logged in and are still unable to view or download the file please contact us.